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Developing & Creating a Green Future

With a variety of business experience from the solar industry to electric vehicles to real estate, Universal Green Group is a company dedicated to the expansion of sustainable green services, products, and projects to provide a better future for generations to come. Since we began in 2009, we have continuously strived for the utilization and adoption of green technologies while making our products and services financially viable for our clients.

Beginning with installing a solar farm in India, to now having over 1500 solar projects completed, we have become industry leaders in solar panel installations.

As experts in clean energy, our business expertise has also expanded in providing green energy homes as well as developing an electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the adoption of electric vehicles in the United States.


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About Universal Green Group

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Our Mission

Since, its inception, Universal Green Group, has had a clear mission in mind: Educate local communities and business owners about environmental sustainability and provide clean energy solutions for residential and commercial spaces.